The Wildflower Garden and Fairy Retreat

Fredericksburg, VA


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Our mission is always to provide a experience that provides children and families the opportunity to expand their minds and support our natural environment through creating a space for pollinators and wildlife. In this space we provide creative and educational information to teach children the importance of being the keepers of pollinators and nature.  There is no better time spent than being outside. 

Nature positively impacts the ability to mentally process situations, resulting in reduced anxiety, frustration and it improves mood and self-esteem.. Cognitive functions are enhanced when children get outdoors, leading to improved productivity and reduced mental fatigue. Outdoor activity result in faster healing, reduced illness and overall good physical health. So bring your children and family to our garden and enjoy all the benefits!

What Is In Our Garden? 

Our garden is a unique garden, it is a certified Wildlife Habitat. Because of our conscientious planning, landscaping and sustainable gardening, wildlife will find quality habitat such as food, water, cover and places to raise their young. 

Our wildlife consists of mammals, (birds, rabbits, deer, fox, squirrels, and bear), bugs (bees, dragonflies, beetles, ladybugs, flies, wasps and prey mantis) and amphibians (black snake, garter snakes, box turtles, snapping turtles, toads, tree frogs and skinks) and finally birds (ruby-throated hummingbird, swallows, robins, goldfinch, cardinals and so many more). 

To encourage imagination we have built large and small fairy gardens all around the backyard of our property. The children will find all types of fairies from gnomes, pixies, mermaids and flower fairies (with their eyes).  Most of the fairy gardens have a beautiful barrier around them and we ask that visitors DO NOT HANDLE the fairies as they can be delicate. 

If you choose to pull up the activity page you can learn about each station throughout the garden that educate the kids on the ​different pollinators that need our protection. 

Your children can roam the garden to find fairy's objects among the garden. The activity page has crafts, stories, affirmations, beginner meditation, games and motor skills. There are many things for your child to due during their visit. You can also book a Unicorn Experience while you visit the garden/farm. We have a vegetable garden and we are in the process of developing our edible forest. 

WE are open on Sundays until the end of September