The Wildflower Garden and Fairy Retreat

Fredericksburg, VA

Make a Seed Bomb (Spring/Summer)

Go to our garden table and make a Seed Bomb by following the directions in this video.  It will be messy! Once they dry you can take them home in paper bag. 

Make a Pine Cone Feeder (Summer/Fall)

Go to our garden table and make a Pine cone Feeder by following the directions in this video. It will be messy! Once they dry you can take them home in paper bag.

Bee & Butterfly Antennas

  1. Wrap black pipe cleaner around as a headband.
  2. Twist another pipe cleaner around the top center of the headband so the two ends make a “V” shape - for Butterfly antenna, you can use two colors if you want. For Bee antenna, twist two different colors together and place them separately on the headband. 
  3. Curl and twist the ends to your liking.

Ladybug & Bee Tic Tac Toe- game 

Identification Bug & Wildlife - thinking games!

Mushroom Dance Circle - motor skills!

Labyrinth - motor skills!

 Listen to "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

What do caterpillars turn into, butterflies of course. Learn the live of a butterfly with this great animated book. 

Listen to "The Very Quiet Cricket"

The Very Quiet Cricket is about a young cricket who finally finds his voice. Taken from The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Stories collection. Based on Eric Carle's picture book. 

Listen to "Ten Magic Butterflies"

Read along with guest host and author Danica McKellar as she reads her book TEN MAGIC BUTTERFLIES. Ten flower friends have a night of excitement that mixes a little math with a lot of magic. As each flower turns into a butterfly, children will discover different ways to group numbers to create ten, an essential building block of math, all while watching each flower’s dream come true. 

Bees Like Flowers

​Story about bee pollination and bee life cycle.


The Unicorn Song

Puff - The Magic Dragon


Do "I Am affirmations" with your little one and visit our Gratitude Tree. 

Find a spot in the garden and listen to and repeat these positive affirmations to promote good self esteem and confidence in your little one. You can continue this when you go home.  Positive thinking is a powerful way to help increase feelings of self-worth. When you visit the gratitude tree have your child think of things they are grateful for.

Magic Wand Mindfulness Meditation for Kids

Parents and children can find a place to sit in garden and practice this mindfulness meditation for kids. Meditation helps children learn how to better relax, focus on their breathing, become aware of body sensations, reduce stress, and let go of worries or anxiety from their busy days.

For the Boys

Squirrel Ninja Obstacle Course

Great Laugh!

Squirrels are amazing little animals.