The Wildflower Garden and Fairy Retreat

Fredericksburg, VA


So that everyone has a great farm visit, we have just a few rules and suggestions!
  • There are QR codes all over the garden to help guide you through the garden and the activities. Simply scan the QR code with your phone to see information. 
  • Our fairy gardens are fenced off, please DO NOT pick them up any fairies as they are delicate, also do not throw things at them and do not take them home, as they are property of the Wildflower Garden and Fairy Retreat.
  • Balloons are not allowed on the grounds.  We have dogs and horses and do not want them to eat them. 
  • Parents must be present with children and must be under supervision at all times by an adult.  Do not drop of your children and leave. 
  • You are welcome to bring food and eat at the picnic table! NO ALCOHOL!
  • Please pick up and dispose of all trash, put all trash in the provided trash can.
  • No parties unless it is reserved through the Wildflower Garden and Fairy Retreat.
  • Please be mindful that this is a working farm and there are area not open to the public. 
  • If there are signs that say, "Private", it means private, DO NOT ENTER. 
  • Unless you have booked a Unicorn Experience the horses are OFF LIMITS!!!  If you go to the barn or engage with the horses you will be asked to leave. This is for your safety. 
  • Remember, you will be outside with flowers and pollinators around you. Please be mindful of you sugary foods and drinks, as bees love them. Canned soda is not recommended. Bees can fly down in the cans and sting your mouth when you unknowingly drink!
  • Please wear proper clothing and shoes to protect yourself on the farm! We actually encourage dress-up but we are outdoors, children should wear proper shoes, as you will be under the trees there are branches and other uncomfortable things to step on. 
  • You may want to bring sunscreen and bug spray and a change of clothes for your little ones! Our Seed Bomb craft can get messy. 
  • Also remember even in a garden you can encounter bugs, bees, snakes and wildlife so stay alert! 
  • We are not a large farm so please park in designated areas. And again, watch for private signs as this means that part of the property is not accessible to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

• How do I arrange a visit? 

Our schedule varies, so to get to a calendar simply click the Book It! button on the website and select Discovery and Scavenger Hunt.

• Is there a cost? 

Yes, there is a charge to cover the cost of the flower seeds, crafts and other supplies.

• When are you open? 

The 2021 season is from May to October, if we work hard we can open in April.  Appointments can be made by clicking the Book It! button and choose the option you want. 

• What does the general visit include?

Use of the designated grounds, bug safari, scavenger hunt, games, crafts and activities. 

• What does the general visit not include?

Other areas of the farm, guests are NOT ALLOWED in barn area or fields! Birthday party services and unicorn rides must be booked separately. 

Unicorn Experience

• Is there a weight limit or age limit? 

Yes, the unicorn rides are for children only and the weight limit is 100 lbs or less. 

• What is the cost of Unicorn Rides?

 The first child is $25 and every additional child is $15.

• Are you insured?

 Yes, we are covered under our business liability policy.  You will however need to sign a waiver as well. 

• Does my child need to know how to ride? 

No, we will be handling the Unicorn the whole time the child in mounted. 

• How do I book the ride? 

Simply, click the Book It! button and select a date and time, please note we need at least 24 hour notice prior to your experience.

Birthday Parties

• How much do the birthday parties cost? 

The fee will vary and you must follow the guidelines set forth by the Commonwealth as far as regulations on Covid 19. Once the Coronavirus is under control we will allow parties up to 12 children. The starting cost is $150, which includes: rental of picnic area, discovery and scavenger hunt and a craft for each child. 

•  What are we responsible for? 

We will provide you with a  décor box, which will include table cloth, place settings and gift bag for each child. It is your responsibility to set it up and we DO NOT provide any food, you would be responsible for that. For an additional $15 per child you can arrange for a Unicorn Experience. 

If you have any other questions please contact us at 540-371-0094.