The Wildflower Garden and Fairy Retreat

Fredericksburg, VA


Discovery Tour

The farm and garden is open to the public by APPOINTMENT ONLY, you can schedule your visit by clicking the Book It button below.  Our garden is a brand new wildlife retreat, wildflower, and fairy garden. Children can come and learn how they can help the pollinators and birds that are native to Virginia such as bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other native birds. This garden has QR codes posted to explain the different gardens and activities. This is a self guided tour, using the QR codes will make the experience much more enjoyable. Take your time!!! There are gardens and information all over! 

There are several activities offered to children, "How to make an Bee or Butterfly Antenna" , making a "Seed Bomb, and making a Fairy Offering. We also have a scavenger hunt available.  By going to our activity page you can participate in songs, virtual stories, meditation, and affirmations. 

These are not difficult to do just follow along to recordings. And of course there are cute gnomes, fairies and dragons throughout the garden. We ask that all guests stay outside of the fenced areas of the fairy gardens as they are delicate. 

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A Unicorn Experience

Arrange for your child and you to meet a real Unicorn, photo opportunity and Unicorn ride. This service is in addition to the Discovery Tour! It is only available on when there is a garden attendant available to handle the Unicorn. 

How do I book Unicorn Experience? When you book your Appointment you can select the Unicorn Experience.  They are booked separately. There is an additional fee for the Unicorn Ride. You will either do the ride at beginning of your visit or at the end. 

Nature positively impacts the ability to mentally process situations, resulting in reduced anxiety and frustration, and often improving our mood and self-esteem. Cognitive functions are enhanced when we get outdoors, leading to improved productivity and reduced mental fatigue.

Outdoor activity may result in faster healing, reduced likelihood for illness and overall good physical health.

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Booking & Pricing

You can book by clicking the provided booking button, it will say, Olde Towne Carriages, don't let that confuse you as that is our companies booking system, you are just visiting our farm and gardens. 

Discovery & Scavenger Hunt 

You will have an hour to roam the garden and complete the scavenger hunt. If you would like to bring a picnic we have two picnic areas. So you can stay but you must practice social distancing if other guests are on the property. 

Adult/infant $10.00,   Family (2) $15.00,   Family (3) $25.00,   Family (4) $30.00, 

Family (5 - 7) $40.00   and   Family (8-10) $50.00

Unicorn Experience

Arrange for your child and you to meet a real Unicorn! Price includes discovery & scavenger hunt, photo opportunity and Unicorn ride.   First Child $15, additional children $5.00 each.

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